Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service

Circular 5/2016 – Annual Benefit Statement

This bulletin is to provide operational Firefighters with the current position regarding their Annual Benefit Statement in relation to their respective Pension Schemes.

NIFRS currently administers three Firefighter Pension Schemes, namely:

  • The Firefighters’ Pension Scheme Order (Northern Ireland) 2007
  • The New Firefighters’ Pension Scheme Order (Northern Ireland) 2007 (including The New Firefighters’ Pension Scheme (Amendment) Order (Northern Ireland) 2015 (Modified)
  • The Firefighters’ Pension Scheme Regulation (Northern Ireland) 2015 (CARE).

Under current legislation, NIFRS is required to provide pension members with a Pension Benefit Statement on an annual basis, indicating the benefits a member could receive on reaching normal retirement age and possible death benefits.

In December 2014, the NIFRS Pension software provider moved their operating software to a new platform. From this date, NIFRS has had no pension software system and hence no means to produce Annual Benefit Statements.

NIFRS is currently in the process of outsourcing its pension administration to Business Service Organisation (BSO) Pension Services who will provide an efficient and professional pension service.

It is anticipated that a new pension software system will be procured, with data populated into the system and a data cleansing exercise performed by June 2016.

At this juncture, priority will be given to distributing members’ 2014/15 Annual Benefit Statements.

We apologise for the delay in receiving your Annual Benefit Statement and appreciate your patience in this matter.

Josephine Kelly

Director of Finance

22 January 2016

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