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Pension Board

The Public Service Pension Act 2013 and the Public Services Pensions Act (Northern Ireland) 2014 require NIFRS to establish arrangements for governance including a mechanism to control future costs of their Pension Schemes.

To ensure the Pension Scheme is in compliance with legislation and accountable to its members and taxpayers, the following structures have been established:

  • A Responsible Authority – The Department of Health (sponsoring Government Department) is the Responsible Authority
  • A Scheme Advisory Board – The Department of Health has established a Scheme Advisory Board to provide the Department of Health with advice on desirable changes to the Scheme-s regulations, when requested. The Director of Finance, Josephine Kelly, will represent NIFRS on the Scheme Advisory Board
  • A Pension Board – The NIFRS Board has established a Pension Board to assist the Scheme Manager in the efficient and effective administration of the Pension Schemes and ensure each Scheme complies with governance and administration requirements.
  • A Scheme Manager – The NIFRS Board is the Scheme Manager, however, the Scheme Manager may delegate any functions under these regulations, including this power to delegate.

Pension Board Structure

The current Chairperson is Stephen Boyd, NIFRS Assistant Group Commander. It has been agreed by the NIFRS Board meeting that the Chair position of the Pension Board will be rotated until the process for the appointment is agreed with the Representative bodies, and the business/reporting requirements are established.

Employee representatives were appointed to the NIFRS Pension Board following a successful expression of interest exercise.

Employee representatives:

Dermot Rooney, NIFRS Group Commander

Stephen Boyd, NIFRS Assistant Group Commander

Employer Representatives:

Linda Ford, NIFRS Head of Finance

Post Vacant, NIFRS Financial Accountant

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