Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service

NIFRS Statement: Russell Court, Lisburn Road, Belfast

A Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service (NIFRS) Spokesperson said:

 “NIFRS was informed by Radius Housing of their survey findings in relation to Block B of the Russell Court Building in Belfast. Block B does not meet the required fire safety standards and the building is to be vacated. NIFRS has been working closely with Radius Housing and an action plan was agreed in the event of a fire in the building.

“NIFRS also reviewed its response plan for Russell Court and has ensured that Fire Crews from the 2 closest Fire Stations, Cadogan and Central, are familiar with the layout and have a detailed knowledge of the premises.  Russell Court has a simultaneous evacuation policy in the event of a fire and NIFRS supports that policy in relation to this particular building.

“Firefighters have carried out an exercise to test water supplies and rehearse Firefighting procedures in the building. The exercise provided assurance that there was an effective water supply in the building and that operational response procedures worked well.

“Firefighters are on site on Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 June to provide additional fire safety advice and reassurance to residents.  NIFRS will continue to work closely with Radius Housing over the next 4 weeks as they vacate residents from Block B.”

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