Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service

NIFRS Statement – Incident Kilkeel

A Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service (NIFRS) Spokesperson said:

“NIFRS was called at 12.38pm to a report of an ammonia gas leak in the vicinity of the Harbour Road, Kilkeel. The cause of the leak had been isolated prior to the arrival of Fire Crews.  Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus surveyed the site with gas monitors to check for the presence of ammonia gas – all readings were zero.

“Firefighters gave oxygen therapy to 2 casualties prior to the arrival of Ambulance crews. Fire Crews from Kilkeel, Newcastle and Warrenpoint Fire Stations remain at the scene. Ambulance personnel have transferred casualties to hospital.

“Daisy Hill Hospital requested NIFRS to stand by to provide support in receiving casualties if required. At this stage no action has been required.

“There is no risk to the public from this gas leak.”



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