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Information for Applicants

Information for Applicants
FOI requests will be dealt with by NIFRS FOI Officer. Requests will be responded to promptly and in any case no later than 20 working days from receipt.
The request must:
  • Be written or electronic
  • State in what format the reply must be made
  • Give the applicant’s name, address and telephone number if applicable
  • Full details of the nature of the information required.
If the request can be dealt with in the normal course of business, this will be responded to by the relevant Department within NIFRS as soon as possible.
Applicants requesting information of a personal nature should be advised that their request would be dealt with under and according to the rules of the Data Protection Act 2018. Requests of this nature will be dealt with by NIFRS’s Information & Security Manager .
In dealing with an FOI request, NIFRS may need to consult other public authorities and/or third parties in order to reach a decision on whether the requested information can be released.
Charges may be levied for the provision of some information in such cases the charge will be calculated and the applicant advised and seek your approval to proceed.
The fee must be received before disclosure is made. The request will lapse if the fee is not paid within three months.
Where NIFRS does not hold the information we will transfer the request to the public authority which will best be able to assist the applicant, and we will notify the applicant. Applicants who wish to be notified before any transfer is made should say so in their application.
Applicants applying for information which is already available through NIFRS Publication Scheme will be informed accordingly.
Completed requests for information may be published. NIFRS will not publish applicant details.

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