Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service

FOI Disclosure Logs & Responses

NIFRS receives and answers an array of FOI requests each year. In this section you will find  a list of all FOI/EIR Requests processed by NIFRS together with a selection of requests and responses which may  be of wider public interest or when information is frequently requested.

Personal details such as names and addresses both postal and email are redacted to protect requesters names.

Please note that the supply of information in response to an environmental request does not confer an automatic right to re-use the information. Under UK copyright law you can re-use any information supplied for your own purposes, the purposes of private study or non-commercial research without requiring permission.  Similarly, information supplied can also be re-used for the purposes of news reporting, with the exception of photographs.

Most documents produced by a government department or agency can be re-used under the Open Government Licence(external link opens in a new window / tab) (OGL) For further information about the OGL and about re-using Crown Copyright information please see The National Archives website.Copyright in other documents may rest with a third party and you may need to apply for permission to re-use it. For information about obtaining permission from a third party see the Intellectual Property Office’s(external link opens in a new window / tab) website.

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