Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service


Date, Time: Wednesday 25 July 2018, 5.27pm
Location: Drinnahilly Mountain, Newcastle

Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service was called to a forest fire in the Drinnahilly Mountain area close to Tollymore Forest park at 5.27pm on 25 July 2018.


A total of 8 pumping appliances and 4 specialist appliances with 60 firefighters and specialist Wildfire Officers attended the incident.


The incident affected approximately 8-10 acres of wildfire materials.


Fire Crews worked to contain the fire but had to withdraw from the area due to night-fall and potential danger to personnel.  A Fire Crew remained at the scene throughout the night to monitor the situation.


On the morning of 26 July, 5 appliances, the Specialist Rescue Team and specialist Wildfire Officers attended the incident to continue firefighting.


2 Irish Air Corps helicopters assisted NIFRS with firefighting operations over 2 days.


1 helicopter was involved in aerial firefighting and 1 was use for command and control.


The incident was dealt with at 9.44am on 29 July 2018.








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