Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service

Dealing With Complaints

Dealing with Complaints
The applicant has the right to write in to complain about the lack of information disclosed or appeal against our reasons for not disclosing. He/she must be provided with full details of NIFRS’s Complaints Policy and given any assistance required in making the complaint.
A complaint should be addressed to the Freedom of Information Officer (
If an applicant remains dissatisfied or a complaint has not been resolved they should be advised to write to the Director of Community Development, who is the organisation-s Complaints Officer and who will deal with their complaint as per the Formal Complaints procedure.
The complainant should be advised that where this procedure fails to satisfy, there is a right of appeal to the Information Commissioner and they should be given contact details.
Applicants should note that the Information Commissioner will only investigate appeals that have failed to be resolved by using NIFRS’s official procedure.
The address of the Information Commissioner’s Office – Northern Ireland is located at:
3rd Floor
14 Cromac Place
Tel:         028902 69380
Fax:       028902 69388

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