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Public Register

The list is compiled in alphabetical or numerical order relating to the name of the premises. The register is displayed utilising the financial year.

All notices issued are served under The Fire and Rescue Services (Northern Ireland) Order 2006

Each entry has an identifier to determine what type of Notice has been issued. These are:

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Public Register Information

Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service is required by The Environment and Safety Information (Northern Ireland) Order 1993 (view The Order) to maintain a public register of Notices. The Order requires specified authorities to establish a public register of relevant Notices served concerning health, safety, environmental protection and related issues. As an enforcing authority of fire safety legislation, NIFRS will maintain a public register of Notices served. These Notices are:

  • Alterations Notices
  • Enforcement Notices
  • Prohibition Notices

Relevant Notices are legal documents placing either restrictions or requirements on the person on whom the Notice has been issued.

The register:

  • NIFRS will maintain the register, which will contain information relating to Notices served. Each entry on the register will state sufficient particulars to convey the substance of the notice to which it relates.
  • Notices will be held in the register for a period of not less than 3 years, after which the relevant notices will be subject to the NIFRS publication scheme and may be available upon request.
  • Entries to the Register entry shall be made within 14 days of the expiry of the right of appeal, or the disposal of an appeal against the Notice at County Court. Where a Notice is cancelled on appeal at County Court, no entry shall be made.
  • When NIFRS is satisfied that a relevant Notice has been complied with, an entry shall be made in the Register to show this. If a Notice is withdrawn or amended by NIFRS, the entry shall be deleted or amended. These alterations of the Register shall be made within 7 days.
  • If you think that the entry for this Notice on the Register will disclose commercially sensitive information, you should give written notification to NIFRS within 14 days of the date of service. NIFRS will then draft an entry which, in its opinion, will not reveal the commercially sensitive information and serve this on you.
  • If you are not satisfied with this draft entry you may, within 14 days from the date of it being served on you, write to NIFRS stating your intention to appeal according to Schedule 2 of The Environment and Safety Information (NI) Order 1993.
  • The person hearing the appeal will either decide that the entry should be made as drafted or, if it is considered that it does not afford reasonable protection to the commercially sensitive information, an amended entry will be made in such terms as may be specified.