Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service

Cadets Scheme

There are several Cadet Firefighter Schemes in operation across Northern Ireland.  Click on the icon to see if a Scheme is in operation where you live or go to school.  Complete the expression of interest and a member of NIFRS’ Cadet Firefighters Scheme will contact you and give you details of Schemes in your area.


Application criteria will apply and potential entrants must satisfy one of the following:       
  • Live in the District/Area or
  • Go to school in the District/Area or
  • Have a sibling who attends the Scheme in question at the time of application

Cadet Firefighter Schemes operate in the following areas:

  • Belfast – Training Centre Boucher Crescent
  • Bangor Fire Station
  • Newry Fire Station
  • Lisburn Fire Station
  • Cookstown Fire Station

Cadet Firefighters Scheme - Expression of Interest

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