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Smoke Alarm

Get a Smoke Alarm
A smoke alarm can give you those precious few minutes of warning which could help you and your family to get out safely.
Smoke alarms cost around £5 and are simple to install. They are widely available from DIY, hardware, electrical shops and some supermarkets.
Choose an alarm which meets British Standard BS5446 Part 1 and carries the kite mark.
  • Follow the manufacturers instructions of how to fit and position the alarm
  • Test your smoke alarm every week
  • Replace the battery once a year or consider fitting a ten year battery
If you have a doubt as the where to position your smoke alarm, contact Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service.
Smoke Alarms for People with Hearing Impairment
Many people whose hearing is not severely impaired are still able to hear a conventional smoke alarm. It is a good idea to link two or more alarms. This way smoke detected in the living room will be set off by another alarm in the bedroom. An electrician will be able to advise you about linking the alarms.
For people who would not be able to hear a conventional alarm there are special devices available which make use of a vibrating pad or flashing light instead of the audible signal. The vibrating pad alarms are particularly useful for deaf-blind people.
Further information is available from the Royal National Institute for the Deaf

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