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Escape Route

Planning Your Escape Route


If a fire occurs in your home you may have to get out in dark and difficult conditions. Escaping from a fire will be a lot easier if you have already planned your escape route and know where to go:


  • Involve everyone in the house
  • The normal way out is the preferred choice
  • Keep your escape route clear of obstructions
  • Protect your escape route by closing all doors into it, especially at night
  • Practice using the agreed plan
  • Select a safe meeting place outside
  • Make everyone aware of how to call the Fire & Rescue Service




If you are unable to use the normal way out, consider alternative routes:


  • Rear doors
  • Patio doors
  • Windows




Make sure everyone is aware of these alternatives. If you discover a fire, or the smoke alarm sounds, you will only have a short time to get out.  If possible:


  • Close the door of the room where the fire is
  • Get everyone out as quickly as possible
  • Telephone Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service on 999 from a neighbour’s house or mobile phone
  • Never go back into a house until a Fire Officer has told you it is safe to do so




If you are cut off by fire, try to remain calm:


  • Close the door and use towels or sheets to block any gaps
  • Try to make your way to the window
  • If the room becomes smoky, crawl along the floor
  • Open the window and try to attract the attention of others


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