Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service


Gender Awareness

NIFRS supports an inclusive workforce and seeks to actively encourage women in achieving their full potential. We wish to demonstrate that women are valued at all levels within our organisation in a variety of occupational roles, including that of Firefighter. We endeavour to achieve this through;

  • Working towards a balanced workforce in relation to the equality dimensions
  • Raising the profile of firefighting as an attractive and challenging career choice for women
  • Creating and sustaining a working environment that enables women to undertake their role
  • Providing mechanisms to assist all employees maintain work-life balance and a fulfilling career
  • Specific outreach measures are taken throughout the year to raise gender awareness.

Networking Women in the Fire Service

We are pleased to support Networking Women in the Fire Service, an independent
organisation established in 1993, who seek to influence the equality agenda and make the Fire & Rescue Service in the UK a place where women and men can work together harmoniously and professionally. More information about NWFS can be downloaded from

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