Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service

Emergency Planning

-If you fail to plan you plan to fail�
What is Business Continuity?

The strategic and tactical capability of the Organization to plan for and respond to incidents and disruptions such as staff shortages, denial of site or fuel shortages, in order to continue operations at an acceptable predefined level.

Why do we need Business Continuity Management? 

We need Business Continuity Management (BCM) to meet the moral, social and legal responsibilities placed upon Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service (NIFRS) to deliver an effective emergency fire and rescue service to the community of Northern Ireland at all times.

What are the objectives of NIFRS Business Continuity Management System?

The objectives are:

    • to reduce the impact of any event that could affect the core service     delivery or reputation of NIFRS, for the community of Northern Ireland;
    • ensure an effective response to disruptions to minimise the impact on the Organisation;
  • ensure that following a disruptive event, recovery will be achieved in as short a time as possible;
  • continually improve resilience at all levels;
  • address identified vulnerabilities;
  • provide management control of risks and exposures;
  • further develop cross-team working; and
  • protect corporate assets.

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