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Seáinin McCann Position Crew Commander Blue Watch, Springfield Fire Station
What attracted you to a career in Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service?
The main attraction for me was that a career as a Firefighter was very different from any other job that I had researched while I was still at school.  I was instantly attracted to this job as I could help people, provide a vital service and learn new skills.  I did not just want a job, I wanted a career and that is what I have got with the Fire Service.
As your job can be very physical in nature at times, how do you ensure that you maintain your level of fitness?
I have always kept myself fit as I have played sport all my life. I play camogie and gaelic football at quite high standards.  Staying fit and active definitely has many advantages and I feel that this helps me in my role as a Firefighter because it can be a physically challenging job.
What do you enjoy most about working for Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service?
There are a number of things which I enjoy. I enjoy going into the community and visiting schools and talking to people about fire safety and how they can protect themselves.  I enjoy the shifts that we work as it’s not routine 9-5 every day. But most importantly I enjoy the work that we do, saving lives, carrying out rescues, firefighting, attending road traffic collisions and much more.
Outline what a typical day is like for you?
No 2 shifts are ever the same, and we never know what we might be faced with when responding to an emergency call. In a “normal” day we could attend a house fire, a road traffic collision, a flooding incident or even a water rescue incident.  When not attending emergency calls there are many other tasks which we do.   
We receive constant training on the equipment we use and indeed new equipment which we receive, we go into the community to deliver fire safety information and also to fit smoke alarms to anyone who may need them.
Do you feel you have developed any additional skills/qualities through your work as a  Firefighter?
I have developed myself and been developed in areas of teamwork, understanding, community relations, dignity and integrity. These are only a few of the qualities that are required to fulfil the role of a competent Firefighter. I have been working in a team and on an individual basis with both English and Irish speaking communities to deliver fire safety and educational talks to help protect the community.  Working as a Firefighter I have been able to develop these skills and meet a wide range of people from across the community.

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