Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service

Community Safety Advice


Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service are committed to keeping everyone safe from fire.  To this end, we will optimise all our resources to educate members of the public to help prevent fire in the home.

NIFRS offers a range of services and resources to support the whole community to STOP FIRE:


NIFRS is also involved in a range of other initiatives, driving down risk and keeping people safe:

Road Safety

NIFRS is committed to protecting all members of society in Northern Ireland from the dangers associated with road traffic collisions (RTCs) and rescuing them from situations where they may be in danger. As well as responding operationally to RTCs we deliver targeted interventions aimed at reducing death and injury on our roads.

Youth Engagement

NIFRS is passionate about engaging with young people.  We promote an environment where young people are empowered to lead, guided to contribute and allowed to make mistakes. The notion of learning by doing is an essential part of development and critical in building confidence in young people. Our youth engagement programmes allow young people to try, and try again.


Volunteers are involved with NIFRS in a number of ways:

  • Community Volunteers
  • Volunteer Cadet Leaders


NIFRS adheres strictly to the statutory obligations regarding Safeguarding and is fully committed with the ethos that ‘safeguarding is everyone’s business‘.

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