Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service

Emergency Response Standards

Integrated Risk Management Planning (IRMP) is the strategic risk assessment and planning process which informs how NIFRS evaluates risk to life, property and the environment from fire and other emergencies in accordance with guidance issued by the Department for Communities and Local Government.

We apply the principles of IRMP in the delivery of our 3 core functions: Prevention, Protection and Emergency Response. We aim to have the:

Right Resources in the Right Place at the Right Time

Emergency Response Standards define the most effective response time targets for fire appliances to reach particular areas based on the level of risk in each area. Understanding the risk profile allows us to plan where our operational resources are best located.

In 2006 NIFRS introduced the following Emergency Response Standards for dwelling fires:

A review of these Emergency Response Standards to ensure they remain current and appropriate to the risk from the range of incidents we respond to has been completed and we will be going out to consult with the wider public, our partner agencies and our employees to obtain their comments and views on our proposals.

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