Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service

Specialist Rescue Team

Specialist Rescue Team
Consisting of 29 personnel based at Central fire station, the team helps provide a rescue capability for incidents involving rope access, moving or static water, and urban search and rescue
Rope Incidents
Rescue capabilities involving rope include: confined space working; high-angle urban incidents; rescues from cliffs or a water environment. Training is carried out at a variety of sites to provide realistic conditions.
Water Incidents
Water related rescue work and training is carried out at rivers, lakes, and other open water sites
The team is also equipped to respond to incidents involving unstable surfaces such as mud, ice, slurry etc. Rescue capability is enhanced by various inflatable rescue equipment e.g. boats, pathways.
Urban Search and Rescue
Following the September 11th attacks, the Fire and Rescue Service has procured search and rescue equipment for use at collapsed building incidents.
This enables these buildings to be searched for casualties, and allows rescue teams to gain access to victims trapped underneath rubble. Rescues can then be carried out using various tools designed for moving and cutting concrete and other building materials.

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