Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service

Eastern Area

Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service is divided into 4 Area Commands known as Northern, Eastern, Southern and Western.

Eastern Area Command covers the greater Belfast Area and is sub-divided into 2 Districts.

  • North & West District which includes 3 Fire Stations – Whitla, Westland and Springfield Fire Stations.  The District Headquarters is also located at Whitla Fire Station.
  • South & East District which includes 4 Fire Stations – Knock, Central, Cadogan and Dunmurry Fire Stations.  Dunmurry Fire Station is operated by a fire crew and fire appliance from Cadogan Fire Station (Lisburn Road, Belfast) every day between the hours of 11am and 11pm. The District Headquarters is also located at Knock Fire Station.

Eastern Area Headquarters is also located at Central Fire Station at 6 Bankmore Street, Belfast.

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