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1996 Dennis Sabre Water Tender Ladder

1996 Dennis Sabre Water Tender Ladder

Dennis Sabre with one-piece day & crew cab that tilts hydraulically as one unit both manually and electrically. Electric windows all round plus larger crew cab than standard which can accommodate up to 8 crewmembers.


Turbocharged and Intercooled, Cummins C83-250 10 engine.

Allison World Series Automatic Gearbox with side mounted Chelsea PTO and inbuilt transmission retarder.

Air operated drum brakes front and rear, with ABS.

240 Volt Systems:
240v power input to supply auxiliary 12/24 battery charger (the 12 volt system supplies power to charge the LPP battery), Gast air compressor to maintain vehicle air system, with cut-in, cut-out pressure sensing control, emersion heater in engine block to keep coolant warm and power supply for hand held radios. The system also supplies power to a voltage reducer to supply power to charge a Breathing Apparatus (BA) Board and 4 BA set battery chargers. The charging circuit is also designed to ensure the appliance cannot be started without first removing the mecardy reel 240 volt input cable.

Blue Light Equipment:
Two-tone air horn plus siren and PA system. Light bar on roof incorporating corner, front strobe lights and mounting point of siren speaker, plus front strobe lights on cab and strobe lights mounted on the rear of the body.

Work Lights:
1 x 110 volt searchlights and reel with 2 lamps plus pneumatic telescopic scene lights with 3 lamps. 110 volt power supply is from modified vehicle alternator which supplies power to a vehicle mounted inverter system.

Body Work:
Bodywork is mainly of an Aluminium type construction with Galvanised steel support under body outriggers and is arranged in a series of side and rear mounted equipment lockers with partitioned shelving and securing straps and brackets for equipment security. Shelving is height adjustable and some shelves slide and tilt out of the lockers for easier access to items on higher shelves. Also there are sliding trays for heavy equipment such as Light Portable Pumps (LPP?s) and Road Traffic Accident (RTA) cutting equipment. Internal locker lighting operated when shutter door opens. Air operated shutter-locking system operated within cab. Roller shutters used on all stowage lockers.

Window Security:
Vehicle cab has an 11mm triple laminated windscreen, with high-grade (anti scratch resistant) polycarbonate sliding screens for extra protection. All other window glass is either replaced by high-grade (anti scratch resistant) polycarbonate glass or has the original toughened glass windows with a high-grade security film applied to the internal surfaces of the glass. Crew cab windows are the same glass as the main cab and has the security film applied to it.

Fire Pump:
Fire pump is manufactured by Godiva UMPX and has an output of 500 gallons per minute. The pump has a, 4 inch suction and 4 deliveries. The pump is variable speed and outlet and has high and low-pressure impellers. The high-pressure system supplies water up to 55 bar (tested to 75 bar) to 2 hose reels (one in each side rear locker). Each hose reel drum is manually operated and has 3 x 18.3m lengths of ¾ inch internal diameter hose with quick release coupling of either MacDonald or Premier Hose (male to be sleevelock type and female to be swivel type) with a fog gun attached at the end. A galvanises 400 gallon water tank is fitted to supply water to the fire pump. This incorporates internal baffles, a supply pipe to the pump, a filler pipe, overflow pipe, water supply to the primer unit and a water level site glass. The tank also has a hatch on the top, with an integrated pressure relief valve and the hatch is also used for internal access to the tank.

Ladder Stowage:
All ladders are stowed on the roof of the vehicle and the vehicle carries the following ladders:

1. 135 ladder (secured by head brackets and heel locks);
2. 105 ladder (secured by quick release webbing strap);
3. Roofing ladder (secured by mechanical lock); and
4. Triple extension ladder (secured by equipment strap).

All ladder gantry stowage is on fixed roof mounted brackets with roller guides, and each ladder is secured as detailed above. Roof access to remove ladders is by built in ladders mounted within the bodywork behind each rear shutter door.

Reflective Markings:
This vehicle has 3m diamond grade stripes, but at this time has not had the 3m Engineering grade Battenburg markings fitted to each side plus the 3m Engineering Grade chevrons applied to the rear of the appliances. Appliances not marked are progressively being retrofitted with reflective markings.

Other Similar Vehicles:
This is the only one vehicleof this chassis type in NIFRS from 1996.

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